Insurer / Underwriting Agents / Brokers:

The I.C.R. Ltd. (Germany Branch) carries out the recovery of national and international transport damages for marine insurances, underwriting agents and insurance brokers.

The process of the recourse is conducted by specialised shipping lawyers.

The relevant national and international legislations (HGB, ADSp, CMR, WC, MC, etc.) are known and will be considered.

In case of non-successful recovery, the I.C.R. Ltd. (Germany Branch) will start enforcement procedures or will forward the claim to law firms specialised on shipping law.

Currently, the I.C.R. Ltd. (German Branch) has inter alia sixteen national and international insurers, miscellaneous underwriting agents and insurance brokers as its clients.

Every client of I.C.R. Ltd. (German Branch) will be informed about the progress of its recovery by copy of all correspondence.

The results of the claims will be statistically registered and quarterly forwarded.